Pandora’s Soap Box – New Episode!

I just uploaded this week’s episode of Pandora’s Soap Box!

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Pandora’s Soap Box

I just launched my new web series Pandora’s Soap Box, a web series comprised of one-shots and short strips. The content of this series is mostly satire and social commentary about things that irk me. These are the weird random ideas I get that have no place in any other comics project I have going on.

This is a project I intend to update either weekly or bi-weekly depending on my workload between college and trying to get my graphic novel finished. I just felt like I needed something to do when I get tired and need a break from the other projects, and I thought it would be nice to actually give people something to read while they wait for the book to be finished.

This first installment is one I just did tonight, I thought it would be appropriate to start the series off with, because I found it extremely amusing as I was working on it.

Mr 47

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The Stan Lee Foundation

Please support my submission to The Stan Lee Foundation. To do so, view my submission page and click “Support”. When voting begins, you will receive a reminder to come and vote for my submission!

Thank you!   HS!

Mr 47

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Updated Cover Art

This is a mock up of the cover if it were to actually be the front, back, and spine. So bear in mind some of this information is for show purposes only (lulu logo, ISBN, price, etc).

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Sacred Sumerian Art and Architecture

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Noctunres For Nightmares: 1/1/11 to 1/11/11 Promotion!

Gyps Fulvus wishes you a Hellishly Happy New Year!

From 1/1/11 to 1/11/11 he has specially priced the Bonus Edition of his spinechilling debut Nocturnes For Nightmares at the price of $11.11 (near 15% off the original price $12.99!)

This edition features 14 tracks which will lead your mind on a creepy joyride and spoil a good night’s sleep.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the new year with a few NIGHTMARES.

That is, if you shall dare….

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tetranagrammaton – a triptych of emotion: album in progress

1. the tracklist.

( I have divided the album into three parts, each one dealing with a specific emotional state.

each part (or pact) contains four tracks.

all titles are anagrams.)

pact i: adefrockedficusmum

i.a: wolfstick uphaneya

i.b: calm ud reskibo pof’t

i.c: sa’aret vïn al’g pjaer mud

i.d:  d’avruk wetsin hoecgo

pact ii: focusvigilmorn

ii.a: raw.·.lide spo’mf j’ubt

ii.b: tsyhl mi’lu bef’w

ii.c: thous wif’ebearc

ii.d: my’neoraq fus’tli

pact iii: forgedmoronrusts

iii.a: th’ur.clam gniske ed’byp

iii.b: runewhip mylitad.·.us

iii.c: xyphalé rötis mw’gn

iii.d: dëâth for’sùk ilm

2. the cover sketch

3.  the line up

participating on the album will be me, myself, I, and an assortment of computer programs, sound recorders, organs (both kinds), stringed instruments, flutes, horns, cassette tapes, gramophones, furniture, highways, obscure movie references, and, of course, large amounts of coffee and alcohol.

I might even bring along a few friends.

4.  questions

if any of you have any questions, post them in the comments section and I will reply. either by updating this post or in a new post.

5. video

I will make a video from one of these tracks. which one remains to be seen.

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Completed Cover for Draven: The Vampire Chronicle!

I just finished the cover art for Draven: The Vampire Chronicle! The cool part about that is, I am going to let you see it!

Cover for Draven: The Vampire Chronicle

And if you want to see how it was made in a step-by-step post, I have made this note public so anyone can read it!


~Mr 47

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Coming soon: The Invisible War – Ego=God

<a href=

My debut album Ego=God is finally complete and is planned to be released soon. It contains nine intense tracks of bombastic orchestral electronic/ambient music designed for the intellectual decompression chamber. You can get a first impression by listening to the two tracks that you find on my website.
Make sure not to miss this treat!


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